Senioritis - Not Just for Students

My 18 year old has a bad case of Senioritis, How about you?

My daughter is in the home stretch of her Senior Year of High School and with only 5 weeks left she’s really in the thick of it.

She wrote down everything she’s feeling:

Overwhelmed with what’s left to do and questioning why she took on certain projects along the way, she has been diagnosed with a classic case of “Senioritits”.

“Senioritis is a common colloquial term mainly used in the United States and Canada to describe the affliction of lack of motivation toward studies displayed, felt by students who are nearing the end of their high school, college, and graduate school careers, or the end of the school year in general.”

What about you? Are you enjoying your senior years? Are you motivated to continue to care for yourself? Wanting to continue to learn new things? Do you feel joy daily and ready to tackle what is yet to come?

I offer you the same remedies that College Express website offers to students:

1. Work hard, Work really hard – Don’t let things slip up now, you are still making your mark. If you are here, you have purpose!

2. Get involved – Look around for opportunities of new things to try.

3. Keep it up – You’re still here! Don’t stop living, people are watching you to see what aging can look like for them. Show them how it’s done.

4. Stay healthy – Physical and mental health are critical, pay attention to your habits

5. Make a daily checklist – Give yourself 3 goals a day to check off

6. Talk to your guidance counselor – Manage your mind with therapy or coaching. A 3rd party who can help give perspective.

7. Remember the end is in sight – This can be hard but beginning with the end in mind will help you have things set up how you want.

8. Go out on a high note – Smile, be someone that people want to hang out with, show appreciation and have gratitude.

9. Crush Senioritis before it starts – be proactive to get back on track, don’t let malaise set in!

10. Live in the moment – live it up, look around & focus on your blessings.

My daughter has the tools and resources she needs, so she will certainly finish strong.

I hope the same for you!

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